Launch of the project "Structuring of the social, solidary and innovative economy, and supporting the development of youth entrepreneurship (MS2)" in Algeria

One of the priorities EU-Algerian technical cooperation with Algeria within the 2014-2017 program is related to labor market and employment promotion.

In this regard the Youth-Employment Support Program (PAJE) is part of this cooperation and aims to support the Algerian government in its national policy for youth and employability as well as the inclusion of young people and civil society efforts for better integration of young people in the society. This support comprises activities on central as well as local level in four pilot wilayas (Annaba, Bechar, Khenchela, Oran).

The Program is structured around three components:

Component 1- Strengthening of intersectoral partnerships and - implementation of the National Youth Policy.

Component 2 - Youth and Civil Society.

Component 3 – Supporting activities promoting employability.

Component 3 focuses on innovative measures related to the social economy and integrates different ministries concerning in their projects and their development plans. Social enterprises may play a leading role in pilot Wilayas to support the creation and development of new social and charitable projects promoting youth employability and contributing to regional development.

This component 3 includes two axes of intervention:

1. Supporting the development of an innovative social economy, creating of new approaches and jobs;

2. Introducing innovative instruments supporting leadership and entrepreneurship.

PEM CONSULT in cooperation with GIZ International Services as lead company of the consortium, the Spanish cooperative society IesMed and the Algerian service and education provider MDI have been contracted by the EU Delegation to implement this component 3 within a project duration of 30 months beginning in January 2016.

The envisaged activities of the project team are allocated around 3 field of expertise:

OP 1: Structuring the social, innovative and solidary economic sector enabling the creation of activities and new jobs.

OP 2: Experimenting innovative instruments supporting leadership and entrepreneurship.

OP 3: Operationalize and enhance the tools developed and tested, ensuring their visibility and support their sustainability.

On January 10 a kick-off workshop took place in Algiers and we are looking forward in implementing this challenging and interesting project with our partners and a dedicated Algerian and international project team.