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PEM CONSULT continually offers long and short-term employment opportunities in ongoing or forthcoming projects world-wide. The current job opportunities are listed below. 

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Nordafrika, lokale und regionale Wirtschaftsförderung


Teamleiter/-in im Bereich lokale und regionale Wirtschaftsförderung für laufende / kommende Angebote in Nordafrika (frankophones Afrika) für die Analyse von Wirtschaftssektoren und Wertschöpfungsketten...



Mongolia, Extension of the German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology


The development objective is the Improvement of institutional, economic policy and personal prerequisites for a sustainable and broad-based, raw material-based economic growth involving the Mongolian, German and foreign economies.

Georgia, TVET I, Construction and equipment of a Centre of Excellence for Construction and Logistics


Within the framework of the German Financial Cooperation (FC), the Federal Government is currently examining support for the first phase of a project to promote vocational education and training in Georgia...

Marokko, Reguläre Arbeitsmigration zwischen Nordafrika und Europa


Auf der Ebene des Individuums werden Migrationsinteressierte sprachlich, kulturell und fachlich auf eine Ausbildungs- oder Arbeitsmigration nach  Deutschland vorbereitet. Die sprachliche Einstufung,...

Northern Cyprus, Curriculum development in VET schools


The purpose of this contract is to support the preparation of a new modularised curriculum, based on the revised Occupational Standards (OS) for all occupations delivered at the VET schools, with the aim of ...

Germany/Worldwide, Procurement of Works and Supplies


(Senior) Experts in public procurement of works and supplies in the vocational education sector, incl. technical equipment planning, elaboration of procurement plans and cost estimates...

Germany/Worldwide, Planning, Design and Construction Supervision


(Senior) Experts in building construction with significant planning and construction components in the vocational education sector, incl. review of implementation plans, preparation of design studies...


Georgia, International Solid Waste Expert for a sector study


The tasks of the team comprise:

  1. Investigate strategies and concepts for the development of waste management systems and infrastructure in accordance with the National...

Albania, Solid Waste Management - Feasibility Study


The Consultant shall prepare a study to assess the need and feasibility to implement improved municipal Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems for the waste zones of Durres, Shkoder-Lezhe,...

Namibia, Solid Waste Management in protected areas


The Project concerns the development of waste management implementation and operation plans for targeted national parks, the building of relevant infrastructure, along with an implementation of adequate...