PEM GmbH is an independent private consulting firm providing advisory services and technical assistance to public institutions, private sector organisations and individual enterprises in developing countries and economies in transition.

Regional focuses of PEM’s activities are in the MENA region, Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. PEM's major clients are national and international financing institutions and donor agencies, public institutions and private customers.

Our guiding vision is to contribute to global sustainable development reflected in economic efficiency, social justice and ecological sustainability - jointly with our partners. A large number of associates complement PEM's core staff in specialist fields of consultancy.

Our core team of consultants, economists, social scientists, engineers and human resource developers, forms the company’s strong in-house personnel. All are comprehensively experienced in technical assistance and project management.






PEM - Core Team

Marita Münks

… is committed to learning and education. She is engaged in projects on lifelong learning, HRD, VET and the labour market.

Marita Münks, Managing Director

Henning Bungards

… loves his job working with wonderful partners in the field of private sector development jointly aiming to create income and jobs for the poor.

Henning Bungards, Managing Director

Nadya Iyisarac

… manages the financial planning, administers the accounts and supports project managers by providing financial advice.

Nadya Iyisarac, Finance Manager

Lukas Sitsen

… responsible for business development and management of international financial cooperation projects, especially in construction and supply.

Lukas Sitsen, Project Manager

Dr. Astrid Denker

… is PEM’s green economist and develops PEM’s business in the fields of environmental management and sustainable development.

Dr. Astrid Denker, Project Manager

Gaëlle Depenbrock

… supports and coordinates technical assistance projects and is the PEM in-house quality manager.

Gaëlle Depenbrock, Project Coordination

Nedjma Soualem

… supports the project management, esp. in project administration, finance and recruitment.

Nedjma Soualem, Project Coordination

Katja Cichowski

… supports PEM staff and project teams in all organizational and administrative matters. She is the PEM in-house IT and network manager.

Katja Cichowski, Project Coordination

Isabel Kern

… takes care about PEM’s expert network and recruitment in order to facilitate acquisition and project management.

Isabel Kern, Recruiters