Modernisation of teaching and learning methods of Agricultural Technologies and Organic
Farming in Northern part of Cyprus

PEM CONSULT supported the VET School from Güzelyurt within the EU-funded Program Schools´ Initiative for Innovation and Change by training at agricultural institutions in Germany and the Netherlands.

PEM CONSULT organised practical trainings as well as a study visit to the Netherlands and Germany of a delegation of six members of Güzelyurt VET school within the implementation of the a.m. EU-financed action.

This action contributes to the overall action objectives:

  1. To improve the teaching of agricultural technologies and organic farming in secondary schools and VET schools in Northern Cyprus.
  2. To prepare new teaching materials for teachers and students and booklets for people interested in modern agricultural technology and organic farming.

Specific focus of the training and study tour was made with regard to the setup of an greenhouse at Güzelyurt VET school and covered the following aspects:

  • Practical and theoretical training on "Greenhouse design, setup and maintenance" as well as "Sampling and seedling production within a greenhouse". The purpose of the study tour was also to get impressions and information on equipment, technology, building solutions for greenhouses, layout ideas and energy (saving) systems etc., therefore we visited greenhouse equipment producers and vegetable producers with greenhouses in Netherlands and Germany, especially North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Practitioner's training at different Agricultural Schools in Germany and Netherlands for Organic Farming and Greenhouse development (especially in the Dutch region of Westland).
  • Study visit at a Viticulture School - the University of Geisenheim with a special focus on their practical teachings.