"Women can do anything" - a US celebrity on tour in Georgia

The famous US Racer Jennifer Jo Cobb visited Georgia by promoting women's empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship. The US Embassy Tbilisi asked PEM CONSULT to organize events at vocational schools with the celebrity.

During May 26 - June 1st 2018, NASCAR Racer Jennifer Jo Cobb visited Georgia under the project - Energizing Georgia's economy through inclusive education, organized by the US Embassy Tbilisi. Her visit to Georgia aimed to support Georgia's economy by promoting women's empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship. The goal of her visit to public colleges promoted enrolment at technical and vocational colleges and encouraged women in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) professions.

PEM CONSULT (Tbilisi branch) was entrusted with the preparation and organization of the visit of Jenifer Jo Cobb at two public vocational colleges: community college Spectri in Tbilisi and community college Akhali Talgha in Kobuleti.

Around 200 students and school children attended the public meeting at community college Spectri. The information about the event was disseminated to public schools surrounding the college area. School children from eight public schools in the area were brought to the event. Children were accompanied by school teachers from each school, all visited various workshop areas, laboratories and college infrastructure.


The First Deputy Minister of Education, Ketevan Natriashvili also visited the college and welcomed the participants. She expressed her satisfaction seeing the interest from the students and children and encouraged them to follow their passion. The event was also attended by students with special needs, as the college is fully adapted to their needs.

Jennifer Jo Cobb delivered a motivational speech describing her career and challenges she faced during her career path. She encouraged children to follow their dreams, work hard and never give up. Her speech resonated well with the participants, as evidenced by the event surveys filled by the participants after the event.

As entertainment, a live music band "Mixtura" was performing at the event. Gif photo booths were also located in the yard so that students and school children could take photos with Jen Cobb. Two cars were also brought to the college facility: an American Pontiac Firebird and a Ford 1933 Replica. Both cars were assembled by local engineers on their own, using parts of various cars. The cars increased the interest of students and children as they asked many questions to the car owners.

The second visit of Jennifer Jo Cobb was held in community college Akhali Talgha in Kobuleti, attended by around 200 school children and college students. The local college disseminated information about the event through local Resource center and school children from 5 public schools were brought to the event.