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Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

PositionInternational & National Experts
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany


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The Project is divided into two components

  1. the transformation of two existing technical schools into Centres of Competence for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and
  2. upgrading of existing technical schools in Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Gharbiya.

In both components technical schools will be rehabilitated and expanded, if needed. This includes the rehabilitation of classrooms, workshops, sanitary facilities and administrative offices, as well as the redesign of the school premises. KfW school-building standards will be applied in the sense of a youth-friendly, fully functional design. In addition, special attention is paid to increasing energy efficiency in the school buildings. Depending on the need, additional facilities will be established within the school premises that will allow the school to interact with neighbouring companies, conduct competence-based education and have enough space for the constantly growing number of students.
Furthermore, the necessary technical equipment will be procured for the maintenance of the existing and the expansion of new teaching activities. This includes the replacement of outdated equipment as well as the acquisition of new modern machines which operate with innovative  technologies and can be used meaningfully in the context of the curricula. In addition to that, training and further tutoring for the teachers will be carried out within the project.

Georgia, Vocational Education Programme I, Construction and Operation of the Centre of Excellence


The objective of the Implementation Consultant’s assignment is to provide expertise in engineering, design and construction supervision to the PEA to ensure an effectual realisation of the investment.