Jordan: Vocational Training and Skill Enhancement for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in the Water Sector (VTW)
- Inception workshop

In July 2018 PEM CONSULT started the field of Activity B "Provision of services to increase water efficiency" for the project "Vocational Training and Skill Enhancement for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in the Water Sector". For this purpose PEM CONSULT organized an inception workshop.

Within the activities of the "Vocational Training and Skill Enhancement for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in the Water Sector" (VTW) Project, funded by BMZ and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the inception workshop was held in the Landmark Hotel, Amman to present the results and outcomes of the inception phase for the field of activity, which aims for enhancing the structures of sanitation and plumbing services in Jordan.

The GIZ-VTW water program, in cooperation with the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC), have trained more than 400 Jordanians (both female and male) from Amman, Jerash, Irbid and Mafraq. The training also included Syrian refugees in these areas in order to equip them with plumbing skills to help them enter the Jordanian labor market.

Field of activity (B) is implemented by the joint venture of PEM CONSULT and WEE Pros, who will be working till end

of the year 2019 on promoting business opportunities for female and male plumbers and provide business support services to micro businesses and SMEs.

The main activities of the project are also targeting institutional and business support to the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC), as the first female cooperative which provides plumbing maintenance services at a household level and spreads water use efficiency awareness to local communities.

The project team presented and discussed the inception phase results with the stakeholders from public and private organizations. The project will develop a strategy and business plan for WWPC to improve their service level and community outreach. The main indicators also aim to increase WWPC membership and expand it to three branches, and implement a water saving and loss-reduction campaign for local communities.

The project manager of VTW "Mr. Dirk Winkler" said that "The workshop was very successful, now the training on female plumbers becomes more sustainable, since they receive further support on entering the labor market. This will contribute to save water on a household level through professional maintenance and repair."