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EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure
in Ukraine

PositionInternational & National Experts
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany


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The commitment by the European Commission “EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine” (the Program) under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) aims at contributing to the modernisation of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Ukraine, making skills development demand-driven and responsive to labour market needs. The Program is comprised of the following three components, of which the third component, will be implemented by KfW and is subject of the tender:

  1. enhancing the effectiveness of VET reforms in Ukraine; the establishment of an institutionalised sector coordination framework at national and regional levels; the establishment of effective VET governance and funding systems; the outreach and communication to stakeholders at all levels and the general public; and mitigation of reform reluctance;
  2. improving the quality and attractiveness of VET for both female and male learners and to increase its relevance to the labour market needs, including for overcoming gendered labour market segregation; and
  3. optimisation and modernisation of VET infrastructure network “EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine”.

The Consulting Services will focus on the renovation and modernisation of VET schools and the procurement of equipment. The Consultant`s activities contain the implementation of measures

  • that provide early impact and visibility (“quick wins”) and
  • the modernisation of infrastructure of selected VET schools.

The rehabilitation at all selected VET schools will start simultaneously. Due to the different complexity of the rehabilitation works needed some VET schools might be ready earlier than others and shall ideally be completed already in 2021. All VET schools shall be completed in 2022.


Experts' Profiles:

  • (T)VET - Sector (training requirements for different trades according to curricula and respective equipment requirements incl. operation and maintenance of VET institutes etc.);
  • Construction, (planning and design of renovation/ refurbishment / construction works for teaching institutes / public buildings. Preferably for VET) Cooperation with an experienced national partner in construction works (and local construction regulations and procedures) is recommended;
  • Procurement and budgeting of construction works and equipment supply in programs of the Financial Development Cooperation or financed by IFIs (preferably in the Ukraine);
  • Providing support to the PEA in all matters related to the implementation of the project (project language is Ukrainian / English).

Egypt, Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training


The project is divided into two components. In both components, technical schools will be rehabilitated and expanded, if needed. This includes the rehabilitation of classrooms, workshops, sanitary ...