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Solid Waste Management in Protected Areas

PositionInternational and National Experts
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

The Project concerns the development of waste management implementation and operation plans for targeted national parks, the building of relevant infrastructure, along with an implementation of adequate waste management structures within the relevant ministries and a piloting of waste avoidance concepts. The purpose of the Project is to protect National Parks against the impacts of increased waste generation so that they continue to be competitive tourist destinations which economically benefit the inhabitants of the regions concerned. At the same time, the health of humans and animals and the stability of fragile ecosystems are protected.  This is to contribute to the development cooperation overall programme objective “The sustainable management of natural resources and a fair access to them contribute to a functioning ecosystem and improved income in the rural areas”.

The Project shall finance predominantly the investments required for the establishment of waste management systems in the National Parks. The following major activities shall be financed out of the financial contribution:

  • Development of waste implementation and operational plans including procedures and job descriptions;
  • Construction of waste management infrastructure in the National Parks and procurement of required equipment;
  • Execution of pilot projects; operational cost can be exceptionally born from the financial contribution;
  • Removal or rehabilitation of existing dumpsites and waste heaps / cleanup campaigns during project implementation;
  • Establishment and qualification of an adequate organisational structure capable to cope with waste management requirements in the National Parks;
  • Development of awareness raising, information and education programmes on waste avoidance, minimisation, recycling and proper waste management.