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Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (HTU + Programme),
Phase I and Accompanying Measures

PositionInternational & National Experts
Origin of fundingKfW Development Bank, Frankfurt, Germany


Please send your CV to:

Project measures include the following:

Component 1:

HTU AI Hussein Technical University+ TVET Campus in Amman: Site development and construction and technical fit-out of several buildings consisting of a new training building complex hosting technical workshops and labs, a new administration building including offices, auxiliary rooms and an assembly hall incl. a Cafeteria, plus two dormitory buildings, as well as a photovoltaic plant (250 kWp). The Campus should be suitable for hosting approx. 550 Students and allowing for accommodation for 2x80 Students.

Component 2:

  1. Female VTI in Irbid: Upgrading and equipment of the institute as regional centre by constructing a building hosting a business incubator, upgrading existing facilities, installation of  technical training equipment, as well as a photovoltaic plant (25 kWp).
  2. Hakama VTI in Irbid: Reorganizing workshop concepts and/or  renovating the building infrastructure of underused or rundown workshops, assess options for a "business incubator", procurement and installation of technical training equipment and installing of a 25 kWp PV plant.

Accompanying Measure (AC):

  • Ongoing management advisory support to successfully implement the HTU+ model, particularly the management of the partner VTIs under HTU and the coordination of the intensified private sector cooperation (e.g. support for the organizational development of HTU and cooperating VTIs. including development of statutes and planning of personal and financial development, and O+M concept).
  • Support for further development /adjustment /accreditation of training programmes.
  • Continuous advisory support at workshop level for capacity development of TVET teaching personnel in terms of equipment utilization for practice- oriented training, maintenance, practical implementation of new training programmes, and interaction with enterprises at working level
  • Marketing campaign for TVET in Jordan: Develop/implement a media campaign; marketing campaign measures to promote HTU+ as a TVET driver of change in Jordan; e.g. advertising via leaflets, backdrops, posters, billboards, radio stations, television, newspaper etc.
  • A scholarship fund, which HTU intends to provide in order to include a broader target group. The scholarship fund may especially target socially disadvantaged students and females in order to enable them to access HTU+ training programmes.
  • Potential additional measures might be envisaged, e.g. train the trainer in Germany, study tour to visit German/European best practice TVET-institutions and facilitating German accreditation of training programmes.

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